The story of teddy’s flight.

Spielbuch, Quiet book, Activity book, Flugstory mit Teddy, Teddybuch, Nähanleitung

Teddy is flying around the world - Quiet book


Come and fly away with him and his pilot. On 10 pages you can see Teddy check-in, pass security and accompany him on his flight.

On all pages there are possible interactions between Teddy and the pilot. The child can create and play stories. 

Sewing tutorial for a Quiet book made of felt.


Features 10 activity pages:

*Teddy’s got a suitcase and a shoulder bag with ID and a belt
*Service Teddy's got a pilot's cap to take off *

1. Front page aircraft - Teddy and pilot can sit in it, the wings can be fastened with push buttons
2. Check-in with Service Teddy (the case disappears and the display can be adjusted)
3. Border security (policeman can be stowed in cabin, window opened, door opened)
4. Body scanner (computer images can be changed, change display)
5. Suitcase scanner (drag suitcase through scanner, change computer image, find dog in basket)
6. Cockpit (strap pilot on, intercom for pilot, move gear lever)
7. Teddy in the cabin (cabin window change pictures, stow suitcase, strap teddy, read book, sleep glasses)
8. Airport (mobile vehicles)
9. Luggage return with several suitcases (movable suitcase return, put suitcase on and take it down, open exit)
10. backside with bag, inside you can put the single parts


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Even more sewing instructions - Quiet books with Teddy

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