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They're everywhere  ;)

With thanks to the Internet and many apps for creative people, I have got to know many wonderful creative women over the years, who sew and create quiet books as well.
Unfortunately, I have not met them in real life, but it feels like it, because we chat, show each other what we created, ask questions and help each other. 

They are all around the world. For playbooks there are no borders.    I would like to show you a few of their pages today. Follow the links, have a look at the websites and have fun.

Carissa from Australia wrote an English article about what creative seamstresses like about quiet books.

In the hoop with Lee

Lee from Australia


Harini from Bangalore - India

Carlotte and Daniele from La Spezia/ Italy

Winter & Willow Felts

Dee from California

My Craft

Irina lives in UAE


Creative Puppet

Deepika from Atlanta

Nest Crafted

Rachel from Mysore/ Indien

Kris Rhoades

Kris from Pittsburgh/ Pennsylvania

KāPē kubi

Zane from Latvia

Felt cookie

Elena lives in USA

PraTej Busy Book for Kids

Priyadarshini from India


Charlotte from England

Laura del Frate

Laura from Rom-Italy

Quiet books made by mom

Margarita from Bulgaria

Finding mumsaurus

Priyanka from England


Radostinna from Bulgaria

Book Dreams

Merry Solis from Mexiko

Akiya Handmade

Veronika from Czech Republic

Crafty Eve

Ewelina from Crete

Kingdom of felt

Eva from Czech Republic

Claudia from Germany