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There are many things to discover in all books, appropriate to the age of the child.
The child's motor abilities are being trained and developed by opening and closing parts of the book.

The books can always travel with, no matter whether in a restaurant, car or airplane.

 Step by step sewing instruction.


Mobile, baby shower, baby present, hot air ballon, sheep,

Mobile for the Nursery

First books 5-18 months

How to make a Quiet book for Babies

The first baby book

 Touch and feel

Toddler 1 - 3 years

Tutorial patterns quiet book activity book toddler sewing

Quiet book for toddlers

Feeding time

Play mats

Car play mat, Street mat, Activity mat Road mat sewing instructions tutorial pattern

 Car play mat

for little children


Teddy books for ages 3 and up

The story of Teddy’s flight - Quiet book

Teddy Quiet book Storybook Feltbook Caravan Car sewing instructions

A vintage caravan for Teddy bear

Quiet book Teddy around the world instruction templateTutorial patterns quiet book activity book toddler sewing

Quiet book made of felt

Teddy on holiday

How to make a Quiet book  Teddy house playhouse

Quiet book made of felt

Teddy's house

Quiet book made of felt

Christmas house for Teddy

quiet book teddy on a round the world trip teddy the surfer and the baby turtles

These are two new pages as an

addition to teddy's book.

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