Ever since my children (daughter and son) are an inch taller than me, they call me tennytiny mom.

For my blog I thought this is suitable as I like sewing or creating teenytiny things.

A day is a good day for me when I have created something tangible.

Now I am unsure where this blog will take me. Surprises are welcome.

That's me :)

Teenytinymom Quiet book Spielbücher Stoffbücher Activity book Sensory feel and touch

I love ...


being a mom and wife


fabric - felt - fabric


transforming ideas, sew, draw, crafting


travel wherever


taking photographs


my creative workstation under the eaves


my little Molly (puggle princess)

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Due to the new data protection regulation coming into effect I have switched off the comment function. I am very sorry, because I love your comments and will miss them very much.

Note: All of my guides/templates contain product and company names. I do not get money from these companies.
This is true for all of my guides that I sell on etsy and those that I make available for free download.

A big thank you to my friend Katrin for the great pictures.

She is always ready to take pictures of my completed projects.