Quiet books - Activity books - Made of fabrics and felt - Pattern & Tutorial

I would like to introduce quiet books (activity books) to you.

They were invented as a pastime for small children to play quietly during worship service. Many quiet books were about churchly topics.

Today thousands of different topics or themes are implemented. There are really no creative boundaries here.


The books are made of felt and fabric. For babies they are usually made of fabric only, so that they are washable.

There are lots of different scopes for design. Books for toddlers shouldn't include any parts that are lose, so that they cannot choke on anything. Personally, I would not include any loops either, so that their fingers cannot get caught.


For taller children, who already know not to swallow anything, it is possible to incorporate lots of ideas with moveable or detachable parts.

I differentiate between travel books and playbooks. A travel quiet book should be created without any parts that could get lost.

Every mom who has experienced a favourite toy go missing while travelling knows what I am talking about.

The child's motor abilities are being trained and developed by opening and closing parts of the book.

The books can always travel with, no matter whether in a restaurant, car or airplane.


Have fun looking at it and have fun sewing!

Your Teenytinymom


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