Bernina Free motion couching foot in action

Kordel Nähfuß 43 Bernina Nähanleitung Schablone

A dog bone for Molly

 I have wanted to try the presser foot 43 by Bernina for a while now. It has been waiting on my work desk, but now I've found a good reason to use it: A dog bone for Molly. Of course, Molly cannot read, but toys should be pretty, too.

I chose denim fabric and baby plush for our puppy's sharp teeth. I used denim fabric, because it's always good and baby plush because it's quite sturdy and because Molly loves plush.  
For the script I bought two different kinds of cord / drawstring: synthetic cord with 2mm diameter and another cord made of hemp with a 2mm diameter.

Unfortunately, I couldn't sew up the 2mm drawstring, because it didn't fit into the presser foot. Neither with, nor without the needle threader.
Hence, I would recommend to use a cord with a maximum diameter of 1,5mm. It's really soft and flexible like a cord made of hemp.
When starting to sew, you'll have to hold onto the cord and then just keep sewing. It worked really well and was much easier than it looks. You'll achieve a really nice effect and it's fast without having to try around too much.
I filled the bone with felt remnants. Since I always sew with wool felt, nothing can happen to Molly even once she has bitten through the dog bone. An old cotton shirt torn in strips serves the purpose as well.
Molly was really happy about the bone and dragged it into her cave stright away. I am curious how long it is going to last.

I am going to use the presser foot more often. The results really convinced me and I can come up with at least 5 more projects, for which I can use the presser foot.


Tutorial how to appliqué cords with the BERNINA couching foot no 43



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Stabilistation for thin quiet book pages

Quiet book Seiten verstärken Spielbuch Seiten Style vil vlieseline

Chubby helpling for playbooks.

The new material made of foam could be a good help, if you want to make a book of thin felt or want to create three-dimensional effects.
It’s about 4mm thick. (I placed a pencil next to it), really sturdy and still soft.
It can be sewn in between pages in order to stabilise. It works really well.
Its called Style Vil made by Vlieseline and its available by the meter in well-known online stores.

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Create a sign using a stamp

Schild stempeln auf Stoff Schrift

superfast Teddy - script

Sometimes you need a specific label or a small sign. You can create this really fast using small stamps and a bit of fabric.



This is an illustrated step-by-step guide.

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A book shelf made of selvages

Webkanten Quiet book Spielbuch Activity Buch Selvage

A fiddly job that’s worth it

Have I ever shown you this bag made of selvages?


Never throw away these fabric edge remnants. You can do many great things with these scraps.


I even use them to create book shelves.

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3D Lenticular cards for a little book

Hologrammkarten, 3D Karten, Activity Buch, Spielbuch

A bit of crafting with 3D postcards.


Today I have something totally different for you: a crafted book for little children.

Do you know these hologram postcards, also called lenticular or 3D postcards?

They often sell them in museum shops, which is where I bought them.

I love gimmicks like these and of course, children do as well.

All you need is a few of these postcards, a sheet of handicraft felt, two key rings and hot glue.

Have fun crafting.

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Textile Marker Pens

Textilmalstifte Quiet book Spielbuch Activitybuch

Calligraphy made easy

Textile marker pens are really great to draw a quick label or sign / signboard. A few old lettering stencils help with the calligraphy.

It is best if you use solid woven single coloured cotton material.

On the bottom line I stick a bit of "tapetenband". It's easily removable without leaving any residuals.

Sometimes you'll have to iron the fabric afterwards. This makes the drawings waterproof and the little piece of fabric can be inserted into your book as a little signboard.

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Frogtape as a tool

Tapetenband als Hilfsmittel

The Frogtape is removable without residuals

When sewing playbooks, there are often buttons or ribbons that are annoying. As a consequence the item that you want to sew, does not slide well or you sew in a ribbon by accident where it doesn't belong. 

To avoid situations like these, I use "Frogtape". 
- I paste something over it - e.g. buttons or beads
- Ribbons, that could be sewn in by accident
- if I want to move ribbons into the right position
- as a base line for stamps
- to sew a pretty diagonal line
I didn't use adhesive tape for the ponytail, but a piece of felt, because the hair would not be easily removed

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Scales for a fish

Fühlbuch nähen Quiet book Spielbuch Softbuch Kleinkind

Touching fish made easy :)

Do you know these sequin strings? I used them for the first time for this fish. The task requires a bit of diligence, but it’s worth it because it really feels like fish scales.

You only need a little area to obtain this effect.

You only need to create contours for the animals  or figures in this touch-and-feel book. The details are important. In this case it’s the scales and the grass and you’ll create a little touch-and-feel book.



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How to make a horse tail?

Spielbuch nähen Fühlbuch Pferd Activity Buch

The horse just came from the barber.

Today I‘d like to introduce another great material to you.

Do you know these hairpieces from the drugstore?
I repurposed them a little for the touch-and-feel book.

The little horse got bangs and a pony-tail.  It’s really easy and feels great.

They are perfect for creating a ponytail in a tactile book. :)


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Sewing instructions for a Car Play Mat

Car Play Mat, Toddler, sewing pattern

Create a car play mat by yourself

My son had three little favourite cars. They had to go on all our trips with us. At home the car play rug was his favourite and all I could hear “Vroom Vroom“ . The play carpet can be taken on trips, because it can be folded and three cars can fit into the garage.

The advantage with a self-made play mat is that every detail can be adapted to the kid’s taste. If it enjoy going to the zoo, you could sew animals into one corner, if it likes the road to his granny, you can recreate that.
Instead of a police building, you could sew on a public swimming pool.
I created a proposal for a play carpet, which you can adapt individually as you wish. This carpet is for little car drivers. Of course, it could also be a camping site or horse stable. Everything is possible.


The tutorial contains 2 files for you to download:

1 - Step by step sewing instructions with many colored pictures - Step by Step (16 pages)
2 - Printable true-to-scale (1:1) templates (4 pages)


You can download the tutorial (pdf - ebook) here on Etsy and start sewing right away.



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Rocking chair for Teddy

Free sewing pattern

How to make a quiet book? rocking chair
Rocking chair for Teddy
E rocking chair.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 443.2 KB

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Glow-in-the-dark thread

Glow in the dark thread Madeira Halloween Garn Quiet book Spielbuch Leuchtgarn

Glow in the dark

It‘s going to get dark in my new quiet book. Because I don‘t want it to get too dark, I looked for  “glow-in-the-dark thread“  and found this Halloween thread by Madeira.

It was a lot of fun and is really easy to sew with. It did not produce any knots or any other issues. It was a lot of fun to work with.

It has to be exposed to light to “charge“ light. It glows in the dark.
You can get a preview of my book here: the street lantern is already lit.
It glows in the dark. :)





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Teddy in Scotland

Quiet book pattern Teddy on the road

Teddy in Scotland

Teddy went to Scotland this year. He learned a lot.


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A small Christmas House for Teddy

Quiet book Christmas Teddy's house pattern

A self-made present for the best time of the year.

Teddy celebrates Christmas in his little house. He puts up the Christmas decoration and Christmas stockings and makes himself comfortable in front of the fire-place. There is a bag of presents in front of the decorated tree.

The activity book made of wool felt is sewn with the sewing machine.
A bit of sewing experience is necessary, but I tried to structure it as easy as possible and illustrate it step-by-step with photos.


You can download the tutorial (pdf - ebook) here on Etsy and start sewing right away.

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Draw on felt

how to make a quiet book felt sewing tips

Pencil, chalk wheel and co.

It is not always easy to draw on felt.
Depending on the kind and color you can use different methods.
I like using a chalk wheel that has a small metal wheel  at the tip. It works really well and draws fine lines on dark felt.
A pencil works well for small or light felt.
I often use chalk pens of various colors that can be sharpened.

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Teddy's House

Quiet book Teddys house sewing dollhouse

Sew a house for Teddy :)

The book was solely sewn of wool felt in different thicknesses with an ordinary sewing machine.

A bit of sewing experience is necessary, but I tried to structure it as easy as possible and illustrate it step-by-step with photos.

Create a special favorite toy for your child, grandchild or favorite child. It can go on holidays, make up stories, take comfort from it when at the doctor's or to keep them occupied in a restaurant or when they have to wait or sit quietly for a while.

Teddy is getting a house with a garden.
Every page offers elements the child can play with, things to discover and movable parts, that are all tied to the background so nothing can get lost.
Only teddy can move along the pages.

He has a cozy living room, a bedroom and a bathtub. Teddy can leave the house to work in the garden, to visit his bee stock in the forest or to relax by the lake.


You can download the tutorial (pdf - ebook) here on Etsy and start sewing right away.



Däumelinchen in Stopmotion ;)

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Now it's going to be a book

how to make a quiet book bugs and beetles

How to make a Quiet book?

I have made 10 pages with creepy crawlers and one "I spy page" This makes up 6 pages in a book.

I always sewed together two pages and worked in three loops. Leave an opening so that the book can be turned over and stitches together by hand.
After having turned it over iron the edges well and stitch them together.

The cover is made of sturdy fabric that is strengthened with fusible interlining.
I adorned the front cover with a fabric with beetles on it and stitched around the beetles using quilt stitches. I put sew-in interlinings below the beetle fabric.

The two fabric parts are turned inside out, sewed together, turned over and stitched together. Before that work in a small loop so that the book can be closed using a button or press button. (sollte man das nicht der reihe nach schreiben?) In the center, as shown on the picture, sew on a sturdy ribbon. Leave three openings through which you can insert the key rings.

This way you are going to create a flexible book. You can add or remove pages, for the instance that something breaks or the kids want to swap pages.

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Detective Page  -  I spy with my little eye

I spy Detektivspiel Suchspiel nähen Spielbuch Kinderlupe Quiet book

I spy

There will be a detective page in my beetle book. I love search games and kids do, too :)
It is a really nice activity for long waiting periods.

The perfect add-on for my beetle book is a magnifying glass. Every child loves playing detective.

You just collect different little things: buttons, chains, jewellery parts, deco-confetti, pearls, maybe spare parts, sew on patches, little items of Kinder suprise eggs.
The most important thing is that the parts you use are not sharp-edged.

There is an extra tip for the foil that I used on the detective page.


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Even more beetles

Spielbuch Stoffbuch Käferbuch nähen Schnecke

Hiding snail

They don't have legs, but they crawl in their own way, too.

Actually it appears that they are floating and they can hide blazing fast.I just don't like having them in my garden.


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Beetle Quiet book - 4 - 6 - 8 - little legs

Quiet book Spielbuch nähen Stoff Filz Käferbuch


Many little creepy-crawlies are going to be in this book.

Everyone's favourite is allowed to be on the first page.


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Fill your books with surprises!

Patches or buttons for quiet books
Patches or buttons for quiet books

Patches or buttons?



Quiet books or play books are filled with life by including moving parts.
There are wonderful novelty buttons / embellishments with child oriented motives, animals, numbers or letters. My collection couldn't possibly be too big. :)

Some of the patches on the picture are labels from clothes. They are woven like ordinary patches and sometimes have surprising pictures on them.

In any case these small hidden elements are always a delight for small children. They don't get tired of searching for these hidden treasures.


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Sturdying and padding of Quiet Books

How to make Quiet books sturdy or fluffy?
Sturdying and padding of Quiet Books

How to make them sturdy or fluffy?

I often get asked how to make the book pages so sturdy.

It is not necessary when it comes to felt books, but books made of fabrics have to be stiffened, to make them sturdy or fluffy for babies.

Depending on the thickness of the pages, you could stiffen them with different kinds of battings. The battings has to be sewn between the pages.

Ordinary cotton fabric can be stiffened with Fusible Interlining F220, that can be pressed onto the fabric. This is how the fabric gets stability and is prepared for any accessories to be applied.

You can buy battings and fusible interlings in haberdashery stores, quilt stores or in a few department stores.

Sometimes absorbents fabrics, which baby diapers are made of, works as well. It can be bought online or in many fabric stores.

I often read the advice to stiffen the books with cleaning cloths. I don't think thats a good idea. There is a lot of work involved in making such precious books and they are supposed to last for a long time. Further, cleaning cloths are made to be used in the household and are not made for children's toys.

You will enjoy the books even more if you chose each material wisely. It doesn't always have to be expensive.

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Happy New Year

Quiet book Teddy Happy New Year
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Oregon Quiet Book

Quiet book Oregon Tutorial touch feel toddler

For little Oregonians - Free tutorial

Oregon and its coastline are wonderful and unique. I fell in love with Oregon’s seaside at first sight, on our very first trip. I feel at ease and enjoy discovering new places and return as often as I can.
I especially admire these tough little creatures that jump into the waves regardless of wind and weather and build sandcastles against all odds.
This is how I came up with the idea of this little book for little Oregonians. Create a special favorite toy for your child, grandchild or favorite child.
I built all those things into my book, of which I think that they are ever-present to small children in Oregon. The sea, the light houses, the animals, the forest and tents for camping.


Children can take it everywhere, take comfort from it when at the doctor's or be kept occupied in a restaurant or when they have to wait or sit quietly for a while.

Every page has playing opportunities for their little hands that want to discover and train manual dexterity.


Have fun looking at it and have fun sewing!

Your teenytinymom


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A Braille Tactile Book

Braille Touch Feel Quiet book Tactile Book sewing

To see using your hands

I just created a tactile book for a blind boy and would like to show you a few of the pages.


I used KAMsnaps for the braille script.


To create shapes that are really tactile, I cross stitched a thick string onto the page. The appropriate shapes are made of very thick felt.


For the clock I sew out clockhands of plywood and sanded them down really well.


Plus, there is a tactile memory game with different kinds of fur, foils and leather.


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Teddy and the Haunted House

free quiet book tutorial halloween teddy

Teddy is a brave little mummy

Halloween is coming up soon. So I decided to create an extra free page for teddy's travel book as a present for you.

Teddy wanted to dress up and I think he looks really nice as a little mummy. He is brave and knocks at the door of the haunted house. The tree's arches wiggle, there is lightning inside the house, a little ghost comes out of the chimney and a big spider dangles from the gate. When the gate opens - boo!
Trick or treat?

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Teddy surfing and visiting the baby turtles

Quiet book Teddy the surfer baby turtles how to make a quiet book

Teddy is going on a round the world trip.

Teddy’s continues his round-the-world trip.


He enjoyed a few sunny days by the sea, went surfing with dolphins and rescued baby sea turtles. Sometimes he just rested in a hammock under palm trees and dreamed.

These are two new pages as an addition to teddy's book.

You can download the tutorials on Etsy.

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Mirror and foil for both doors and windows

Quiet book Spielbuch Stoffbuch Spiegel Folie Tür Fenster

Different Types of Foil

If you want to sew a small house as a playbook, which is supposed to have a door, window, or a mirror, you need suitable supplies. Maybe you even want to sew a lake, in which teddy could go fishing.

To create a mirror you could use mirror foil from the hardware store or an ordinary coffee bag. The mirror foil (the picture still shows it with protective foil) could be glued on as well. The coffee bag does not reflect as well as mirror foil, but still gives the impression of a mirror.

Both mirror foil or coffee bag are applied using big stitches. Following that, sew another felt part on top of it, so that the stitches disappear. This part will represent the mirror’s frame.

To include a window, you can use soft foil, for instance those that are used to create shower curtains. Sometimes underwear or bed linen are wrapped in small bags. Those work really well. Alternatively, you could use transparent wax cloth blankets. If you don’t have any of those, you could buy transparent 0.2mm thin, soft PVC foil online.
This foil would be sewed on the same way like the mirror foil - using big stitches at first and then sewing on a frame made of felt to hide the stitches.


To make sewing on top of the foil easier, you can place a thin paper on top it and then pulled off later on. The paper will keep the presser foot from sticking to the foil.

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Maps and patches

Stoffbuch ein Spielbuch nähen Kleinkind Fingerfertigkeit Verschlüsse lernen für unterwegs aus Filz Activity Buch Reisespielzeug Puppenhaus Teddyhaus Quiet book Nähbuch Activity buch Softbook Reisespielzeug Nähanleitung Schablonen kostenlos Feinmotorik

Searching and collecting

I have been collecting patches / emblems for a long time.
Sometimes you can find tea towels with a map or old-fashioned emblems of cities in souvenir shops.
However, there are more and more fabrics with maps in all kinds of variations. Some have vintage motives or child-friendly pictures on them.
Key rings are sometimes used as marketing material by airlines or handed out at trade fairs.
More and more often you get jute bags with prints and pictures on them.
Fabric with  motives of newspapers can be cut apart very well and you can find lots of purposes to use them for. I sew teddy’s book with such a fabric for example.

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How big should a Quiet book be?

Quiet books Softbook Spielbuch Activity book Babybuch nähen

small to big

On this picture you can see the small differences. It’s a personal decision how big the books should be. It depends on the child’s age and theme.

For a one-year-old baby it’s easier to hold a small book in their lap or hold it in their hand. For a toddler, the book could be a bit bigger.
A book made of felt and a few more pages is heavier, too.

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The first Quiet book for babies.

The first book made of fabric to marvel, rustle, squeak and feel by touch.

Tutorial with 10 appliques

The first book made of fabric to marvel, rustle, squeak and touch.

This book was made entirely of fabric with an ordinary sewing machine. The pages were padded with fusible interlining. For the applications you can use different fabric remnants.
At the end, different ribbons will be used.
It’s easier than you might think. A bit of sewing experience is necessary, but I tried to create everything as easily as possible and illustrate everything with pictures step by step.

A playbook for a toddler is a great present that it will enjoy for a long time.
Children are interested in images of their everyday world from an early age. When elements are included that they can touch, or some that make sounds, it gets even more exciting for them.
At the age of one year, children begin to point at things with one finger. You can ask them questions about different items and study the material. For instance: Where is the fish? What is the owl doing?
This book can be pulled and torn. Many things can be tried out and be put in their mouth without any danger.
A playbook is perfect when out and about, in the car, at the doctor’s or at a restaurant. The book loves travelling with a child.
The book has a handle so that it can be carried around. The book is about 9x9" (21 x 21 cm).

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Baby food jars in my sewing room

Baby food jars in my sewing room - quiet books

Buttons and friends

There are one hundred bits and pieces in my sewing room that are usually quite organized, but there was still room for improvement.

We have a new addition to our family. Hence, it was easy to get baby food jars. My family collected diligently.
I had some planks sawn at the hardware store, coated them with paint and screwed the shelf together. It was actually quite fast. Only removing the glue from the jars was quite the task.
I sprayed the lids for a consistent picture.

Placing the glasses in my new shelf was a lot of fun and I found some things that I have been missing for a while. :)


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Felt as a basis for quiet book pages

Filzarten Bastelfilz Stickfilz Wollfilz Grundgerüst Quiet book

a small study of felts

I would like to give you a short assessment of different kinds of felt. This is supposed to help you with your choice of felt for your quiet books.
There are many different types of felt from different basic materials and accordingly many advantages and disadvantages.

(However, I would like to note that I use fabric instead of felt for the baby books for tiny toddlers.
The pages are then padded with fusible interlining so that they are more handy and durable.)
There are many different types of felt from different basic materials and accordingly many advantages and disadvantages.

The most important types of felt:


Polyester felt

  • usually the cheapest felt available
  • made of synthetics
  • not washable
  • quite sturdy
  • easy to be sewn with the machine
  • really stiff and hard to handstitch with
  • It is really good for simple handiworks, but for a quiet book that you put a lot of work into and that is supposed to last for a long time, I personally would not recommend it

Washable nonwoven felt fabric

  • made of synthetics
  • available in different thicknesses / strengths
  • usually washable, easy to work with, dimensionally stable
  • it is used a lot since it is cheaper than wool felt

Wool felt

  • made of sheep’s wool - a natural product
  • very soft and very easily sewn with the machine,
  • the most expensive of all felts
  • in emergency situations it is washable, but stains can easily be removed and due to its natural quality properties it does not get stained easily
  • of low flammability
  • available in different strengths / thicknesses
  • easy to handstitch with
  • my favourite type of felt (Most of the time I use 2-3mm thick felt.)

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Rattle box for a Quiet book

Spielbuch Stoffbuch Tipp Nähanleitung Babyspielzeug

rustling and rattling

Originally quiet books, as the name says, were not only invented to calm children but also to be quiet in itself.
Now there are handmade children's books that make sounds though. They can rattle, squeak, make different animal noises or play music.


I would like to show you an easy method to produce a rattle box that can be incorporated/sewn into a book.

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How to incorporate different fasteners/claps to strengthen motor skills

Motorik fördern Kleinkind Spielbuch nähen Tactile book Quiet book

a good training

There are different clasps/fasteners that can be integrated into quiet books to strengthen the motor skills of young children. Please pay attention to the age-dependent risk of getting hurt or getting caught.

But you do not have to be overcautious, because children learn very quickly how to open suspenders without their fingers getting caught.

It is a good training to putting on their own clothes are buttons, press buttons, zippers, Velcro, suspender clips, shoelaces and cord locks.

Later you can also use buckle releases from mini to huge in size, carabiner hooks, belt buckles, clasp pins, hooks and eye closures.

All of these clasps are more fun if something is hidden underneath them (like Monster' belly button) or if opening the clasp gives even more things to explore (like the frog monster's belly).

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A few tips for making a Quiet book

Tipps Tricks Quiet books Stoffbuch Nähanleitung Tutorial

Tips and tricks

This is the place where I'll give pieces of advice on how to sew a playbook.
This could be with reference to which material to use or which technique to apply.

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Pink Miss Teddy's house to go

Spielbuch für unterwegs aus Filz Activity Buch Reisespielzeug Puppenhaus Teddyhaus Quiet book Quiet book Spielbuch Nähbuch Activity buch Softbook Reisespielzeug Nähanleitung Schablonen ein Spielbuch nähen

Pink Miss Teddy

A small playbook made of felt and fabrics that can be taken everywhere.

It is 8 x 8" , very light and can easily be stored away in the small bag. You can buy it on etsy.

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Feeding Time - a funny Quiet Book for toddlers

funny quiet book for toddlers made of felt activity book sewing a book tutorial patterns tactile book

A funny Quiet book

Sew an extraordinary toy. You can download the tutorial with step-by-step instructions on (link).

It consists of 3 digital files.


An automatic download is generated after the purchase is complete.


You can download the tutorial (pdf - ebook) here on Etsy and start sewing right away.

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Friendly monster book

Monster Quiet book made of felt

Quiet book made of felt



This quiet book with friendly monsters is all about practicing fine motor skills. Every page offers something to discover, open or close.
It’s size is 9 x 12 " and is made of wool felt.

On the first page there is a mirror made of mirror foil. The two parts are locked with a hook and loop fastener / Velcro fastener.

Every page offers different fasteners to practice.

All monsters’ outlines are on the back page of the quiet book and on the bag. It can be bit more challenging for the child to look for the appropriate monster to match its outlines.

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Teddy the climber

Quiet book Teddy the climber

Teddy is going on a round the world trip. On this page he is a mountaineer in the alps.

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Teddy on holiday - Quiet book made of felt

Quiet book Teddy on holiday made of felt quiet book tutorial autobahn teddy patterns spielbuch anleitung activity book outdoor inspired

Teddy on holiday - Quiet book tutorial

Sew an extraordinary toy. You can download the tutorial with step-by-step instructions on (link).

It consists of 4 digital files.

An automatic download is generated after the purchase is complete.


You can download the tutorial (pdf - ebook) here on Etsy and start sewing right away.

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Thumbelina -   fairy tales activity book

thumbelina tactile book quiet book sewing

Fairy tales activity book - clothbook

Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen - An activity book made of fabric

Which child would not fancy being so small that they live on their mother's table and can go boating in the shell of a nut?

I have always been fascinated by Andersen's fairy tale.

Hence, I created thumbelina's adventures as a fabric quiet book.

I created a book with many playing opportunities for children who love being read fairy tales and let their imagination run free.

Children can play together with their parents or come up with new stories on their own.

Every page has small elements that are designed as a challenge and practice for small children's hands.

Have fun looking at it

Your teenytinymom


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Learning Colors with fabric scraps

Quiet book -   I used a farraginous mix of fabric remnants to sew this book.
Quiet book - I used a farraginous mix of fabric remnants to sew this book.

Playfully learning colours - a quiet book to recreate


Children usually start learning their colours in the age between two and three years. This book is just right for that age. I used a farraginous mix of fabric remnants to sew this book.

You can follow the step-by-step picture guide to recreate the book.

While collating the colours for every page I always used the central picture as theme, for instance giraffe, dalmatian, fire brigade, frog, bear, water of flower.

On every page there is a button matching the respective theme, as well as some ribbons, lace or a piece of a new rag. Different kinds of fabrics, leather and fur fabric make it more interesting for children's tactile sense. If you are worried because your little ones still like to put things in their mouth, leave out the ribbons.

For the title page I cut out one picture of the different fabrics and created a little quilt. This forms into a hidden object puzzle game, where children can look for objects and learn colours at the same time.

Have fun sewing.

Your teenytinymom


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Teddy's house to go

Quiet Book Felt Wollfilz Stoffbuch Spielbuch Aktivbuch Stoffbuch Kinderbuch Teddybuch ein Spielbuch nähen tutorial
Teddyhouse made of wool felt

Teddy's house to go - Quiet book

A childhood dream come true. Ever since I was four years old I wanted a teddyhouse.


Who would have thought it will be a book made of wool felt. A travelling quiet book in which nothing can get lost.

Everything has been attached. Only teddy can move around the house.

Of course the book is not for me but for grandchildren who are yet to be born.


You can download the tutorial (pdf - ebook) here on Etsy and start sewing right away.


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