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Tiny Blog · 15. April 2018
Gender-neutral teddy house :) Teddy hanging out laundry. You can add this page to the Teddy house as an additional page. Quiet book

Tiny Blog · 29. März 2018
Bernina couching foot #43 dog toy bone pattern

Tiny Blog · 12. März 2018
Stabilistation for thin quiet book pages.

Tiny Blog · 03. März 2018
Create a sign using a stamp Quiet book tip

Tiny Blog · 20. Februar 2018
Do you know selvages? Never throw away these fabric edge remnants. You can do many great things with these scraps. I even use them to create book shelves.

Tiny Blog · 04. Februar 2018
Lenticular postcards, 3 D postcards Quiet book, Spielbuch, Activity Buch

Tiny Blog · 13. Januar 2018
Quiet books Textile marker pens, tips sewing pattern

Tiny Blog · 12. Januar 2018
Quiet book, Frogtape as a tool, sewing tips

Tiny Blog · 19. Dezember 2017
Touch and feel book Quiet book

Spielbuch nähen Fühlbuch Pferd Activity Buch
Tiny Blog · 12. Dezember 2017
tactile book, how to sew a Quiet book, activity book for toddler, pattern

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