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Sewing tutorial for a mobile Nursery

Blanketstitch, buttonhole stitch, felt, sewing beginner

colouring pattern, cockchafer, bugs, painting template

Install Gauze, Mesh or Net Fabrics in a Quiet Book.

Teddy's Vintage Caravan & Car Sewing tutorial

Giraffes have blue tongues, which are not only smooth, but also very mobile. In the feel-book she is my darling. Quiet book for toddler.

They are all around the world. For playbooks there are no borders.    I would like to show you a few of their pages today. Follow the links, have a look at the websites and have fun.

Do you recognize him? Teddy wants to look really cool for Halloween this year.

A small tip for Halloween-pages for your playbook. There are lots of decorative items and accessories made of plastic available.

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