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Gender-neutral teddy house :) Teddy hanging out laundry. You can add this page to the Teddy house as an additional page. Quiet book
Bernina couching foot #43 dog toy bone pattern

Do you know selvages? Never throw away these fabric edge remnants. You can do many great things with these scraps. I even use them to create book shelves.
Sewing instructions for a Car Play Mat pattern

Rocking chair for Teddy How to make a Quiet book?
Quiet book Teddys house sewing dollhouse
The book was solely sewn of wool felt in different thicknesses with an ordinary sewing machine. A bit of sewing experience is necessary, but I tried to structure it as easy as possible and illustrate it step-by-step with photos. Create a special favorite toy for your child, grandchild or favorite child. It can go on holidays, make up stories, take comfort from it when at the doctor's or to keep them occupied in a restaurant or when they have to wait or sit quietly for a while. Teddy is getting...

Quiet book Oregon Tutorial touch feel toddler
Oregon and its coastline are wonderful and unique. I fell in love with Oregon’s seaside at first sight, on our very first trip. I feel at ease and enjoy discovering new places and return as often as I can. I especially admire these tough little creatures that jump into the waves regardless of wind and weather and build sandcastles against all odds. This is how I came up with the idea of this little book for little Oregonians. Create a special favorite toy for your child, grandchild or...
Halloween Quiet book free page for teddy's travel book how to sew a Quiet book

Quiet book Teddy the surfer baby turtles how to make a quiet book
Teddy’s continues his round-the-world trip. He enjoyed a few sunny days by the sea, went surfing with dolphins and rescued baby sea turtles. Sometimes he just rested in a hammock under palm trees and dreamed. These are two new pages as an addition to teddy's book. You can download the tutorials on Etsy.
Maps and patches for a Quiet book

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