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Install Gauze, Mesh or Net Fabrics in a Quiet Book.
Teddy's Vintage Caravan & Car Sewing tutorial

Teddy’s first flight: A storybook of Teddy’s plane trip. Quiet book made of felt. Sewing tutorial
Thick sheep with wobbly eyes Touch and feel book Quiet book for toddler

A little cheeky chick is not to be missed in the touch-and-feel book. This way children can experience what feathers feel like.
This is a combination that‘s good for children‘s sense of touch and their dexterity. Touch and feel book

Big Ears to touch and feel Elephant Quiet book Touch and feel book
All my books are put in a bag once they are ready.

Do you know selvages? Never throw away these fabric edge remnants. You can do many great things with these scraps. I even use them to create book shelves.
Quiet books Textile marker pens, tips sewing pattern

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