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Sewing tutorial for a mobile Nursery
Blanketstitch, buttonhole stitch, felt, sewing beginner

Do you recognize him? Teddy wants to look really cool for Halloween this year.
Gender-neutral teddy house :) Teddy hanging out laundry. You can add this page to the Teddy house as an additional page. Quiet book

how to make a quiet book felt sewing tips
It is not always easy to draw on felt. Depending on the kind and color you can use different methods. I like using a chalk wheel that has a small metal wheel at the tip. It works really well and draws fine lines on dark felt. A pencil works well for small or light felt. I often use chalk pens of various colors that can be sharpened.
How big should a Quiet book be?

A little house for Teddy. Quiet book made of felt. Tutorial and pattern.