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Giraffes have blue tongues, which are not only smooth, but also very mobile. In the feel-book she is my darling. Quiet book for toddler.
New upcycling tips. Do you sometimes eat sushi takeaway?

Thick sheep with wobbly eyes Touch and feel book Quiet book for toddler
A thick shell in our touch-and-feel book Quiet book for toddler

A little cheeky chick is not to be missed in the touch-and-feel book. This way children can experience what feathers feel like.
This is a combination that‘s good for children‘s sense of touch and their dexterity. Touch and feel book

Big Ears to touch and feel Elephant Quiet book Touch and feel book
Reversible sequin fabric is a great material for touch-and-feel books.

All my books are put in a bag once they are ready.
Touch and feel book Quiet book

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