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Sew together individual pages of felt to make a playbook
This is a simple tutorial to create a book with individual pages. It is a book of 10 pages with a wide variety of sensing elements. This type of book has the advantage that the individual pages can easily be removed or replaced, once the child is not interested i them anymore, or if the pages are dirty or ripped.
Prickly friend - a touch and feel book
Touch and feel book, Free tutorial, hedgehog, tutorial step by step, pattern, Quiet book

Schlenkerteddy Schablone Babybär Schlenkerbär Teddy nähen Kullalloo kuschelweich
Kleiner Knisterbär für Babys Nähanleitung mit Schablone

Sewing tutorial for a mobile Nursery
Blanketstitch, buttonhole stitch, felt, sewing beginner

Teddy's Vintage Caravan & Car Sewing tutorial
Free Printable Blog Planner - Sewing

Thick sheep with wobbly eyes Touch and feel book Quiet book for toddler
A thick shell in our touch-and-feel book Quiet book for toddler

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