Beetle Quiet book - 4 - 6 - 8 - little legs

Quiet book Spielbuch nähen Stoff Filz Käferbuch


Many little creepy-crawlies are going to be in this book.

Everyone's favourite is allowed to be on the first page.


Template Ladybug
Marienkäfer Käferbuch.pdf
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The pages

The size of one sheet is 10 ’’ x 13 ’’.  I strengthened it with Fusible Batting H630.

Quiet book template sewing

Here you can read the template for the beetle book. Small hint - in the wood section of the hardware store you can always get plywood remnants. You can usually have them cut the wood to size for little money. I sanded off the edges a little. I imprinted the numbers on
microcellular rubber for you. This is how you'll have a perfect template that rests flat on the fabric and on which the rotary cutter can move along easily.

Quiet book Spielbuch nähen Stoff Filz Käferbuch


6-legged creatures. The ants have been busy today and built an ant-hill.

Template Ants
Ameisen Käferbuch.pdf
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Spielbuch nähen Glühwürmchen Quiet book beetle


Today is about a little lightning bug.

Did you know that the female firefly does not have wings and only "switches" on its lights during the night?

Template Firefly
Glühwürmchen Käferbuch.pdf
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Quiet book sewing beetles bugs sewing



These six-legged dragonflies don't crawl, but think they are wonderful and that's why they have to be included in my book.


Dragonflies can fly up to 55km/miles pet hour and are really colorful creatures.

Template Dragonfly Gras
Libelle Gras.pdf
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Quiet book Beetle sewing touch feel butterfly


Isn't it one of the most interesting transformations that we know? Caterpillars go through metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly. Some of the caterpillars are really colorful. On this quiet book page the caterpillar will pupate and then hatch as a butterfly.


Template Butterfly
Schmetterling Schablonen.pdf
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Quiet book Spider Template


Spiders are really inventive.They use branches and the wind to spin their web.

The web is very tear-resistant especially when taking into consideration how thin the thread is.

On this page children can practice their fine motor skills and help to spin the spider's web.

Template Spider
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How to make a quiet book. I spy page
How to make a quiet book.