Sturdying and padding of Quiet Books

How to make Quiet books sturdy or fluffy?
Sturdying and padding of Quiet Books

How to make them sturdy or fluffy?

I often get asked how to make the book pages so sturdy.

It is not necessary when it comes to felt books, but books made of fabrics have to be stiffened, to make them sturdy or fluffy for babies.

Depending on the thickness of the pages, you could stiffen them with different kinds of battings. The battings has to be sewn between the pages.

Ordinary cotton fabric can be stiffened with Fusible Interlining F220, that can be pressed onto the fabric. This is how the fabric gets stability and is prepared for any accessories to be applied.

You can buy battings and fusible interlings in haberdashery stores, quilt stores or in a few department stores.

Sometimes absorbents fabrics, which baby diapers are made of, works as well. It can be bought online or in many fabric stores.

I often read the advice to stiffen the books with cleaning cloths. I don't think thats a good idea. There is a lot of work involved in making such precious books and they are supposed to last for a long time. Further, cleaning cloths are made to be used in the household and are not made for children's toys.

You will enjoy the books even more if you chose each material wisely. It doesn't always have to be expensive.