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Oregon and its coastline are wonderful and unique. I fell in love with Oregon’s seaside at first sight, on our very first trip. I feel at ease and enjoy discovering new places and return as often as I can.
I especially admire these tough little creatures that jump into the waves regardless of wind and weather and build sandcastles against all odds.
This is how I came up with the idea of this little book for little Oregonians. Create a special favorite toy for your child, grandchild or favorite child.
I built all those things into my book, of which I think that they are ever-present to small children in Oregon. The sea, the light houses, the animals, the forest and tents for camping.


Children can take it everywhere, take comfort from it when at the doctor's or be kept occupied in a restaurant or when they have to wait or sit quietly for a while.

Every page has playing opportunities for their little hands that want to discover and train manual dexterity.


Have fun looking at it and have fun sewing!

Your teenytinymom


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