Mirror and foil for both doors and windows

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Different Types of Foil

If you want to sew a small house as a playbook, which is supposed to have a door, window, or a mirror, you need suitable supplies. Maybe you even want to sew a lake, in which teddy could go fishing.

To create a mirror you could use mirror foil from the hardware store or an ordinary coffee bag. The mirror foil (the picture still shows it with protective foil) could be glued on as well. The coffee bag does not reflect as well as mirror foil, but still gives the impression of a mirror.

Both mirror foil or coffee bag are applied using big stitches. Following that, sew another felt part on top of it, so that the stitches disappear. This part will represent the mirror’s frame.

To include a window, you can use soft foil, for instance those that are used to create shower curtains. Sometimes underwear or bed linen are wrapped in small bags. Those work really well. Alternatively, you could use transparent wax cloth blankets. If you don’t have any of those, you could buy transparent 0.2mm thin, soft PVC foil online.
This foil would be sewed on the same way like the mirror foil - using big stitches at first and then sewing on a frame made of felt to hide the stitches.


To make sewing on top of the foil easier, you can place a thin paper on top it and then pulled off later on. The paper will keep the presser foot from sticking to the foil.