Rattle box for a Quiet book

Spielbuch Stoffbuch Tipp Nähanleitung Babyspielzeug

rustling and rattling

Originally quiet books, as the name says, were not only invented to calm children but also to be quiet in itself.
Now there are handmade children's books that make sounds though. They can rattle, squeak, make different animal noises or play music.


I would like to show you an easy method to produce a rattle box that can be incorporated/sewn into a book.

First, you need a box. On the picture attached you can see different sizes and forms that I arranged for you. Most boxes used to be filled with cosmetic products: e.g. cream jar, empty surprise eggs, boxes that used to be filled with hygiene articles, or the little boxes and tins in travel-size that are meant to be refilled with cosmetic products. That little box at the top left in the picture used to be filled with cough drops.
Once you've found a suitable box, you can put beads, decoration articles, or little bells inside.
Afterwards you tape it together multiple times with adhesive strips, so that they could even be washed with the book later on.
The sound changes with the size of the beads that you put inside. A longer tin with many beads inside makes the sound of waves on the beach. Well, at least I think so. Try it.
Have fun.
Your Teenytinymom.