How to incorporate different fasteners/claps to strengthen motor skills

Motorik fördern Kleinkind Spielbuch nähen Tactile book Quiet book

a good training

There are different clasps/fasteners that can be integrated into quiet books to strengthen the motor skills of young children. Please pay attention to the age-dependent risk of getting hurt or getting caught.

But you do not have to be overcautious, because children learn very quickly how to open suspenders without their fingers getting caught.

It is a good training to putting on their own clothes are buttons, press buttons, zippers, Velcro, suspender clips, shoelaces and cord locks.

Later you can also use buckle releases from mini to huge in size, carabiner hooks, belt buckles, clasp pins, hooks and eye closures.

All of these clasps are more fun if something is hidden underneath them (like Monster' belly button) or if opening the clasp gives even more things to explore (like the frog monster's belly).