Pink Miss Teddy's house to go

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Pink Miss Teddy

A small playbook made of felt and fabrics that can be taken everywhere.

It is 8 x 8" , very light and can easily be stored away in the small bag. You can buy it on etsy.

Sew an extraordinary toy. You can download the tutorial with step-by-step instructions

Quiet book tutorial Teddy
Quiet book tutorial Teddy
Quiet book tutorial Teddy
A Christmas house for Teddy - How to make a Quiet book - Dollhouse

Pink Miss Teddy

...lives in a transportable house made of felt, in which there are activities on every page. First, you look at her house and the butterfly flying in front of it. You can open the window shutters and look into her bedroom. Her house has a little hallway with a telephone and a basket with a fashion magazine to take out.

In her bedroom there is a comfortable bed with a quilt and a hot-water bottle. A little kitten is hiding underneath the carpet.

In her bathroom Miss can take a bath in the bath tub and look into the mirror.

In her kitchen she can sit down on her table and eat fish and honey. The clock can be adjusted.

At the lake there is a frog and a ladybug that can be moved with elastic bands. There is a moveable fish and a turtle swimming in the lake.

Miss Teddy has a little beehive in which two bees live that can fly to the pink blossoms in the tree. There is a little bunny hiding in the gras close to the tree.

Of course, Miss Teddy is trendy and drives her own car. The car door can be opened so that she can get into the car.

A little bag goes with it to store the teddy house safely during transport.


The book was solely sewn of wool felt in different thicknesses.

It can go on holidays, make up stories, take comfort from it when at the doctor's or to keep them occupied in a restaurant or when they have to wait or sit quietly for a while.

8x8" size

Every page offers elements the child can play with, things to discover and movable parts that are all tied to the background so nothing can get lost.