Teddy's house to go

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Teddyhouse made of wool felt

Teddy's house to go - Quiet book

A childhood dream come true. Ever since I was four years old I wanted a teddyhouse.


Who would have thought it will be a book made of wool felt. A travelling quiet book in which nothing can get lost.

Everything has been attached. Only teddy can move around the house.

Of course the book is not for me but for grandchildren who are yet to be born.


You can download the tutorial (pdf - ebook) here on Etsy and start sewing right away.


For a long time I collected little things for this quiet book. I collected wool felt in different colors, width, ribbons, braids and buttons. I developed a real collecting mania.

It took me about four months to sew this book, which interruptions of course. It was a lot of fun. On the one hand I am happy to be done, on the other hand I am sad that I am done. In my head there are lots of new ideas for quiet books though.

Wool felt is a fantastic material. It is easy to sew, does not fray and is fantastic to cut. However, I am always scared of moths. This is why I spread lavender and cedar wood everywhere. It's worth it though. I would not have that problem with Polyester Felt

, but I decided to use wool felt. Gladly, I have not seen a moth up to now :) The little parts, just like the book and teddy's newspaper are made of fabric. The blanket is a little quilt of course.

How to make a quiet book. christmas

As I wanted every page to be a discovery, there are moveable parts. So I needed a string to pull through the holes. I had difficulties doing that. The next time I would probably go to a shoemaker and get it done. For the bees I then found the solution with webbing strap, which works really well.

The front door has a window made of foil (part of an old shower curtain) and can easily be opened. It is possible to ring the bell, take the letters from the mailbox and you can find a beetle and a bird. Behind the door there is a curtain, that can be drawn open and pulled closed. In the cabinet there is a key and a string. Inside the basket there are strawberries on a shirr, that can be pulled out.

Inside the bedroom there is a lamp with a light button, which used to be a key ring flashlight.


In the bathroom there is a little duck that can be swayed around. The teddy can get into the bathtub and close the shower curtain.

In the living room there is a rocking chair (pattern), that can really rock and a newspaper for teddy.

In the forest there are bees that can fly to the flowers. They are attached to elastic bands that can be pulled back into the bee hive. Inside the flower there is a frog hidden.


In the fishpond the fish and turtles can be moved around. There is a little fishing net and three fish on a string to be caught. The pond is made of foil and you can go and see the Frog Prince. The fox is a button to slide on the page. Within the forest you can spot a deer.

In the garden there is a scarecrow. It can move its arms and get to the bird, thats hidden in the bushes. The fence is locked with a karabiner that can be opened and closed. This way the carrotts can be harvested and children can find a big worm that makes a rounded back while creeping around.

The cloud has a zip fastener that opens when its raining.

The most difficult part was to seam the individual pages together at the end. I would do that differently with the next book.

I made a little bag for the book and we are ready for the trip.